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Three.. Two.. One.. Happy New Year! If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you can remember plenty of New Year celebrations, but do you remember the New Year’s resolutions that typically follow? Unsurprisingly, the most popular resolution is to eat healthy or get fit, and but strangely it’s also the most likely to end in failure. The reason why this is open to conjecture but largely remains a mystery – perhaps it’s a lack of motivation, or even a lack of energy once we’re back to the daily grind. This is where I come in.

As the name suggests, Personal Training is exactly that – personally designed one-to-one health and fitness sessions, created to promote a healthier lifestyle whilst steadily moving you towards your overall fitness goals. But where many personal trainers often go wrong is that they’re actually missing the bigger picture. It isn’t all about how many push ups you can be forced to do, or how fast you can run – there are other aspects that are equally as important when advanced sports science is added to the equation.

Those days where you’re not feeling physically up for strenuous gym session, what do you typically do? Put it off until a later date, right? Have you ever stopped to think why you feel this way in the first place? My experience as a sports massage therapist combined with my fitness training provides you with a perfect balance of training and treatment, keeping your body balanced for the long road ahead towards reaching your overall fitness goals.

Please take a few moments to answer the following questions:

  • Do you have an injury which is preventing you from exercising?
  • Do you want less Back Pain?
  • Do you want or need help getting the most out of your exercise regime?
  • Do you want to Improve Posture?
  • Do you want more energy or improve your energy levels (esp if you have children)?
  • Do you need help on your road to Health & Fitness?
  • Do you want to gain Strength and /or Muscle Tone?
  • Do you need to improve your flexibility or ROM (Range of Movement)?
  • Do you want or need to work on balance?
  • Do you need some guidance in your training?
  • Do you want to release stress/anxiety?

If you have answered Yes to any or all of the above then a personal trainer is definitely something you should consider.  Working together, we’ll not only identify and implement what it takes to create a healthier lifestyle, but we’ll also work together to develop the tools to sustain it.

It’s not all about hitting those weights machines and exercise cycles either.   Over many years I’ve acquired a set of focused training methods that I believe give the most positive results, each one ideal for the novice and advanced trainers alike:

  • Building up Strength and Conditioning
  • HIIT Training
  • Hatton Boxing Training
  • TRX Strap Training
  • Back to Basics Resistance Training
  • Pilates Training
  • Stretching & Injury Prevention through exercising correctly

The bottom line (and this may come to a surprise to many) is that training does not need to be overly difficult.   That’s not to say it will be easy, but it often isn’t necessary to really do just one more push up, or one more lap.   A correctly implemented training regime will ease you towards a much higher level of fitness, whilst also keeping your body healthy along the way.

Would you like to move better, feel better, and look better?  Of course you would.  And how about if I add live longer to the mix?  Whatever your reasons for getting in touch, I’m always happy to discuss your requirements.  Call today on 07944 725027 to discuss training programmes and pricing.   Together we’ll work to create a happier, healthier, new you.

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